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Who We Are:

At Her Voice in the Darkness, we believe EVERY woman’s voice needs to be heard.

We are breaking the silence and entering the arena to fight the tough fight of bringing awareness to the mental and emotional issues that force women to isolate under the weight of unspoken social norms and avoid genuine connections.

Our Mission:

Her Voice in the Darkness’ mission is to bring restoration through hope and healing for women on a journey toward greater mental and emotional health through awareness, advocacy, education, and resources.

Our Vision

We exist to put an end to women struggling mentally and emotionally, alone in silence, under the social norms placed upon them.

About Our Founder

Rita Langdale (formerly Harrison)

Founder and CEO

Rita is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and a Registered Dietitian (RD). Her Voice in the Darkness has a two-fold reason for being formed. First, out of a personal experience with psychological (emotional and verbal) abuse behind closed doors. Being in the church environment added to the forced silence disguised as submission. After seven years in an abusive marriage, Rita was able to break the silence. It became her passion to be the voice for those not yet able to speak of the abuse they are enduring. The second reason is that while in private practice she witnessed firsthand how unspoken social norms force women to isolate and struggle mentally and emotionally in silence. She works with female clients who often come out of childhood with a feeling of not being good enough. This feeling results in women not being authentically themselves. It also results in women getting into relationships that are abusive because they lack self-esteem and the confidence to live up to their true calling.

Her Voice in the Darkness is dedicated to all the women whose voices have been silenced under unspoken social norms and within the church culture disguised as submission. May you reclaim your voice so that generations to come do not have to endure oppression.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Dedicated to those we serve
  • Courage to fight the tough fight
  • Respect EVERYONE
  • Honesty in all we say and do
  • Hold Safe Space for EVERYONE
  • Foster shame resiliency
  • Practice vulnerability

Join Us In Breaking The Silence: